List of stories and songs in the book "Divinity in Dust

  1. Son of the command
  2. Revolution of a sage
  3. Thunder and lightening
  4. A Tender sword
  5. If God was not in my life.... (song)
  6. Incomplete generation (song)
  7. A day in Nazereth
  8. The first born and mother Mary
  9. Thalithkumi
  10. Tea bushes (song)
  11. How will I sing O Lord (song)
  12. Blood and tear
  13. If possesions are shared
  14. Hammer of Justice
  15. Sweet memory of a midnight
  16. Divinity in the dust
  17. A fresh memory of a mid night
  18. WO Lord where art thou.... (song)
  19. Cast O Lord the scary darkness (song)
  20. We are the church (song)
  21. Biblical poetries (song)