Christian Songs

  1. Who will have the immaculate woman
  2. You gave your life for us or God
  3. Gave you, gave you, Father we gave you
  4. Your Children we Came
  5. Christ had his Divinity
  6. Make me a tool of Peace
  7. Give glory to God
  8. I will follow you O'Christ
  9. The tree thats best among Trees
  10. Love that levels his Love
  11. If God doens't raise the Building
  12. O'Father we pleaded you
  13. All letters begining with A..
  14. Oh my Soul
  15. Lets clap and Rejoice
  16. Where shall I go, let Me Know
  17. Shrubs planted near the River
  18. What would I need except You
  19. All around the Temple
  20. Leap towards the Shore
  21. Faith, Love & Belief
  22. Homage to the Lord
  23. How will I Sing
  24. Heart that requires Peace
  25. We are the Church
  26. Oh Lord, Where are you?
  27. Food of the Devine
  28. Banquet of Equality
  29. Oh suffering Servant of God
  30. Oh the Immaculate , who knows all Hearts
  31. Oh come ye Friends
  32. Gathered in the Temple
  33. Born is the New Year
  34. The hosts in Heaven