In the tropical forests and shrubs one can see the wonder of trees of different species growing together, embracing each other, as if they are but one tree. Palmyra palm, the Bo tree, the Banyan tree, Tamarind tree and the Magosa tree are seen to be examples of such botanical symbiosis.

If this botanical paradigm is translated into the different spheres of human life such as the social, political, cultural, economical and religious spheres, what would happen? Social political and religious symbiosis in Nations which ate historically and traditionally endowed with a society of different races, cultures and religions will nurture peace, justice, solidarity and amity. If so, then SYMBIOSOPHY should be the philosophy of societal life of any nation which consists of pluralistic human societies.


SEF Symbiosophy Educational Foundation

In memory of The late Rev. Dr. Rex Joseph for the 12th Year

“Education is a quintessential foundation for a child’s life to attain fulfilment” was the underlying dogma that echoed on almost all communal activities that Rev. Rex initiated. The Rev. Dr. Rex Joseph memorial study program which was initiated in 2007 by his family, friends and students to continue his vision and communal work has now evolved into an Educational foundation in 2019 to commemorate is 12th year memorial and to expand its framework into a much larger scale.

What started as a simple educational aid has moved phases over the past 12 years, and this is an effort to retrace its path over the12 years as a tribute to Father Rex. We hope this will inspire many to look towards the concept of symbiosophy and racio-religious symbiosis that mother Lanka is currently in need of.