SEF Symbiosophy Educational Foundation

“Education is a quintessential foundation for a child’s life to attain fulfilment” was an aspect that echoed on almost all activities that Rev. Rex initiated. What breathed life into this aspect was the project that was started by him in May 2007 at Thaalangkuda Sri Vinayagar School in Batticaloa to support the students from families affected by the tsunami disaster in 2004. But unfortunately, Rev. Rex died a week after due to a multiple organ failure and the project came to a standstill. Mrs. Rani Joseph then continued the project (which provided the chosen 15 students with monetary support for tuition classes that were required for these deserving children to excel academically) and thus began the Rev. Dr. Rex Joseph Memorial Study Programme and the subsequent formation of the Symbiosophy Educational Foundation.
It is an undeniable truth that the sunset in Rev. Rex’s life became the dawn in many under privileged children's educational development. Though we lost the great visionary in 2007, his work and ideals have paved way for the birth of many potential intellectuals and ideologists in the past 12 years.  

2007 – 2008 : Thaalangkuda Sri Vinayagar School

Funding for the teachers to provide additional tuition for 15 underprivileged children. The first project that Rev. Dr. Rex Joseph himself initialed.

2007 - 2008 : Hatton Puliyawaththa Estate School  

Most of Rev. Rex's service took place at estate churches. Stemming from his deep concern for the education of the estate children a bursary was awarded for the teachers to provide additional tuition for 15 children from the above school.

2008 – 2010 : Pussallawa

Funding for the teachers to provide additional tuition for 15 underprivileged children in Pussellawa for a 3-year period.

2008 - 2011 : Kandy

Rev. Rex's wife Mrs. Rani Joseph taught the English language freely for 75 students based on the request Mr. Rajanathan from the Hindu Cultural Hall in Kandy. Meanwhile, Mrs. Joseph also went to Hanthana Estate to provide further lessons to underprivileged children to improve the English knowledge.
Annual prizegiving ceremonies attended by priests and dignitaries were conducted for the entire period of the project to motivate children for their hard work and excellence.

2008 – 2011 : Mowbray College, Kandy

The college was established in 1922 by the Ceylon Church Missionary Society (CMS) for the estate children. 15 deserving students were awarded additional tuition fees for the duration of the project Mrs. Joseph provided free counselling services to students.

2009 : Tuition Centre, Kandy

Currently, Mrs. Joseph runs a Tuition centre in Kandy together with Mr. G. Kamalendran, where free tuition classes are given for English, Mathematics, Tamil and History subjects for over 30 students from the Kandy and Hanthana suburbs. Students with financial constraints are supported with travel fare subsidies as well to be able to attend the classes.
The centre also provides paid tuition classes for students of families with a higher income threshold, which in turn functions as the principle source of funding for the free tuition service.
The education service caters students from all races, religions and from all social setup within the local community to uphold the racio-religious solidarity that Rev. Rex thrived to promote as a medium of improving peace in our motherland through his community work, articles and poetry (Click here to view Rev. Rex’s work on racio-religious symbiosis).
An annual prizegiving ceremony is conducted to motivate students who get the best results with certificates and trophies.

2010 – 2011 : Mowbray College, Kandy

A deserving GCE A/L student was awarded with a special scholarship for additional tuition fees.

2016 – 2018 : Vipulanandha Vidyalaya in Manalchchenai

The preschool is run free of cost for students from families with below average earnings. Based on the request of the principal of the schools - Mrs. R. M. S. Jeevaraja, a group of 15 students were awarded Rs. 7,500/= and subsequently Rs. 9,500/= on a monthly to follow extra classes in preparation for the year 5 scholarship exams. As a result students from VVM passed scholarship exams for the first time and were able to move to national schools.
An annual prizegiving ceremony was also conducted to recognise the passing students.

2017 : “Marian Pre School”

This preschool was established to improve the opportunity for primary education of the children in Manalchchenai and to increase the admission levels in the school. The project was a milestone as it fell in 2017 which also marked the 10th death anniversary of Rev. Dr. Rex Joseph. The project also facilitated 10 chairs, 10 desks, a hot water kettle and ceramics to the staff room to improve the staff welfare. Additional bursaries were also provided for the welfare of the pupils in the form of stationaries.

2017 – 2018 : Vaharai Kandaladi

Vaharai is one of the most affected and underdeveloped villages in the Eastern Province. This project has funded extra tuition fees and nutritious foods program to approx. 32 students from the village under the supervision of Rev. Dayalan.