SEF Symbiosophy Educational Foundation

Personal Help : Sr. Mable memorial help

My late big aunt was paid the son of a sick woman for his advance level extra classes about 2 & ½ years to show the gratefulness for this service.

2019 : Valaichenai Golden Bee

Additional classes have started in Valaichenai for 20 students with the help of Mrs. Santhini (Retired Grama Sevaka) and under the leadership of Mrs. Subashini and the money is being provided by this service.

2019 : Vaharai

This service has come forward to start the lesson classes, add kids to safe homes and to provide educational facilities they need by Mrs. Keshayini Prakash towards children who are victims of disorderly, abusive and with parental disorderly lives. At the same time, it has decided to join two girls in a good school and to take all the costs until their study is completed through this service by the names of my two late daughters.

2019 January : Vavuniya, Aarchipuram

Families living here are refugees and resettled. Money is being sent to 30 students for additional classes by learning about these children through Rev. Dayalan.

September 2019: Nutritious food for under nourished children - Santhiveli, Kiran

SEF initiated a project to provide nutritious food packages to under nourished children in Santhiveli within the Kiran region in eastern province since August 2019 in participation of the district secretariat. Parents of the concerned children were given package consisted of nutritious grain range and milk powder in the month of August.
The 2nd round of contribution was conducted on the 15th of September and the occasion was graced by the officials from the DS office together with the Gramasevaka, SEF president, secretary and the coordinator.
During the occasion both the SEF representatives conducted a session on the need and ways to combat malnutrition and on ways to improve personal hygiene. The parents were very grateful to SEF for the services rendered and showed their eagerness for the continuation of the program.
Stationary items donated by Rev. Rex Joseph's family in his memory were also distributed to children by the general secretary of SEF.

August 2019 : GCE A/L Tuition Fee Scholarship St. Cicilia's Convent

In affiliation with St. Cecilia's Convent Batticaloa, SEF has initiated a project to offer financial subsidy for tuition fees for pupils who are indeed of additional coaching based on the request made by the principal of the convent the Rev. St. Shanthini