SEF Symbiosophy Educational Foundation

2013 to Present : Abiram

A student who was standing on the border of suffering. This student is the one who takes the 1st place in class till today and he is studying at our education center from his 5th grade. This year he has to write his ordinary level exam. He has been given free education.

2013 - 2018 : Yugesh

This student is the son of a plantation worker. He was awarded with a scholarship for the O/L examination, because he was studying in this institute from his 6th grade. This student made this service proud by taking 8 A’s and 1 B in his O/L exam.

2018 to Present : Miss. Sophia Kirubairaja

This is the child of a family isolated by father. Mother does house maid works at homes and educates her children with that money. This service is being assisted by Sr. Erica’s monetary help.

2018 to Present : Master Rishi Puvanaratnan

His mother is murdered by his father and he is imprisoned for whole life time. He gets monetary helps from Sr. Erica for his education.

2017 – 2019 : Mrs. Manjula

Her husband does not have permanent job. She is a volunteer teacher. Her salary is Rs. 6,000/=. She suffers from loans. The money for her two son's extra classes is given by this service.

2019 : Miss. M. Dharsha

She lives with her mother and sister and her father got separated from them. Only her mother works at homes, this is where she can eat a meal and she follows her advance level studies. Rs. 5,000 / = is given for her additional classes.

2019 : Mowbray College

In this college, five estate students have been enrolled this year. G. Kamalendran, the grandson of Mrs. S. Pichchai is paying money from the month of January for their food and accommodation as a remembrance of her.

2019 : Periyauppodai

In 2019 this service is heading towards the eastern province villages. Additional classes have been started since the 21st of January for 15 students headed by Mrs. Stella James as the first service for fishery families living in his Excellency’s native village Periyauppodai.

2019 : Navaladi Project

When Mr. & Mrs. Joseph visited and spent time with the children

Navalady is a small coastal village in Batticaloa District. A long strip of land with the Indian ocean on one side and the Batticaloa lagoon on the other side was totally destroyed by the Tsunami in 2004 with the recovery and reconstruction a slow and ongoing process.
Mr. M. Varatharajan alias Ramaesh has an ongoing project towards the education of the children in Navaladi. Free Tuition classes are provided to grade 5 & 8 students in Maths and English since August 2019.
Mr.K.Shivakaran a trained English Teacher educates the children in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
Mrs. T. Kenthini a trained Maths Teacher focuses on the fundamental mathematical skills.
Symbiosophy Educational Foundation is offering financial support towards the teachers remuneration, stationary and maintenance. The SEF team also visits the classes occasionally to conduct parent meetings.
The financing of the grade 5 scholarship exam classes, is through the kind donation of Mr & Mrs. Ananda Joseph in remembrance of Mr & Mrs. Sellathurai
SEF of takes pride in assisting the praiseworthy effort of Mr. Ramesh's free and devoted teaching for children who are underprivileged

2019 : Kopavali

We got an opportunity to visit this village. These people live without the essential facilities like street, water & toilet. Mrs. R. Joseph and Mrs. Anadakumar Joseph have decided to build 3 toilets in the month of May through this service.